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Προσφορές - Νέα


Εγγραφείτε στα ενημερωτικά δελτία μας για να πληροφορείστε για προσφορές καταλυμάτων και νέα απο όλες τις τουριστικές επιχειρήσεις της Ηπείρου


Τουριστικά γραφεία στον Νομό Θεσπρωτίας


travel agencies

Apeiros Travel

General information


Our office was created by Mr. Petros Skrekos in 1994. With studies in tourism and experience in great hotel units, cruise ships, traveling organisms he began the foundation of this office, where in a very short period of time it was consolidated in the area of excursions and organized tourism in north-western Greece.
Sivota Travel

General information

sivota travel

The SIVOTA TRAVEL is a pioneer in tourist-orientated services in Sivota and surrounding areas. From the beginning of the '80s has made its presence known in the tourist sector and through a series of publications, such as maps, tourist guides, post-cards, posters,and advertising leaflets with many slides, the company attempted to make the region more well-known and allow it to become a tourist site.


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